Каждый день водитель автобуса делает остановку, чтобы накормить собаку

Однажды женщина, которая работает водителем автобуса, заметила собаку, которая рылась в мусорном баке. Героиня не могла помочь бедняге, но запомнила о ней.

В следующий раз женщина захватила корм. Так зародилась традиция их встреч, которые происходят каждый день!

Собака ждет у дороги, когда приедет ее кормилица. Потом хватает корм и убегает.

2017 was an incredible year thanks to all your inspiring love and support. If you’d like to donate, we accept etransfer at feedthefurbabiescanada@gmail.com or PayPal at https://www.paypal.com/donate/?token=9dQ2kJ7wX1yrQUExECDiOGSd_dUPHp3JiCEqSvZ85qC4rw70DU9xHpXHRyJAZF43kKQsA0&country.x=CA&locale.x=CAThis past year saw our first annual spay and neuter clinic in Sandy Bay Mb thanks to the amazing fundraising efforts of Pet Valu Taylor, Pet Valu Sage Creek, and Pet Valu Meadowood. Our 3 day clinic vaccinated, spayed and neutered 40 beloved pets in the community helping to end the crisis over population is causing. This clinic was possible thanks to the amazing Pawsitive Communities mobile trailer and our volunteer vet, techs, and Feed the Furbabies volunteers. We were also blessed to be supported again by our good friends from Pet Valu Taylor, Meadowood, and Sage Creek in October with their “Thanks for Giving” fundraiser. These amazing stores and their wonderful customers once again raised thousands of pounds of food and litter for animals in need. Our clinic also launched the start of our “Spay it Forward” program where people can sponsor the spay or neuter of at risk pets in remote communities who do not have access to vet care. This year alone we fixed another 42 pets through this program bringing our total for the year to 82 pets spayed or neutered, and fully vaccinated. This past September our province was hit with horrific wildfires causing the emergency evacuation of 3 First Nation communities. These communities were only accessible by plane and then boat. Tragically, they were forced to leave their pets behind. We joined forces with The Ark Project and Norway House Animal Rescue to fly thousands of pounds of food to these communities where local volunteers and military personnel distributed it directly to the animals in need. This was a huge undertaking and logistical nightmare but thanks to our amazing volunteers and donators it was able to be executed in a matter of days with critical supplies reaching those in desperate need within a week of the forced evacuation. We were also fortunate to receive support from all the PetSmarts in Winnipeg who helped fundraise food to ship to these communities. Throughout the year we were fortunate to be able to host fundraisers for rescues in need as well as our stray feeding programs. Pet Valu Reenders raised hundreds of cans of food to support strays in need through us and our friends K9 Advocates Manitoba. In 2017, we raised over 70,000lbs of food for animals in need, supported over 17 rescues, spayed/neutered vaccinated 82 pets, and helped feed strays in over 10 remote communities. We couldn’t do this without the kind support of each and everyone of you and our amazing volunteers. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for an incredible 2017. We can’t wait to see what we will accomplish in 2018.Happy New Year!!

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