Luxurious Dessert in 15 Minutes: Mix Everything, Put It in a Mold, and Refrigerate

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When strawberries are everywhere, you naturally want to create something unique with them. Today, we’ll share with you a recipe for a light, sweet, and unusual dessert.

For the preparation, you will need the following ingredients:

  • Large whole strawberries — 500 g, plus an additional 100 g for decoration
  • 15% sour cream — 300 g
  • Plain yogurt — 150 g
  • Sugar — 100 g
  • Low-fat cottage cheese — 150 g
  • Gelatin — 25 g
  • A pinch of vanilla sugar
  • Medium-fat milk — 50 ml and 30 ml

The preparation of the dessert involves the following steps:

1.Cut half a kilogram of clean strawberries into cubes. Blend together yogurt, sour cream, vanilla and regular sugar, and cottage cheese.

2. Pour 30 ml of milk over the gelatin, let it swell, then melt it in a water bath. Add another 50 ml of milk and stir.

3. Mix the cottage cheese and gelatin mixtures until there are no lumps. Add the chopped strawberries and mix.

4. Wrap a springform pan with plastic wrap. My pan was 18 cm in diameter. Spread the base of our dessert into the pan and smooth it out.

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5. Arrange whole strawberries beautifully on top, carefully cover everything with plastic wrap. Place the dessert in the refrigerator for 4 hours.

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6. Remove the plastic wrap and gently but confidently take the dessert out of the mold.

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When serving, the chilled strawberry dessert can be sliced into portions, like a cake. Enjoy cooking!

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