Choosing flowers for the wedding

Recommendations for creating a wedding composition

Choosing flowers for the wedding
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A wedding is one of the most important and significant days in a person’s life. Memories of this event will remain for many years and decades. For a significant celebration, gifts should be special, memorable. Of great importance is the bouquet that the guest will present to the newlyweds. In order for everything to go well, the design of the bouquet should be entrusted to experienced florists who perfectly know the language of flowers and all the nuances of the combination of certain plants.

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Recommendations for creating a wedding composition

First of all, the implication, the emotional message, is very important, because the wedding bouquet is associated with the image of the bride. Arrangement of the composition can be anything! A bouquet in a hat box, flowerpot, basket or in the form of a heart will look very solemn. Usually on the wedding day in Ukraine it is customary to give the following flowers:

  • Roses are an unfading classic, a symbol of love and passion. You can choose any color of the buds, but soft pink tones are still preferable. These flowers have a delicate aroma, different stem lengths, bud volume, which allows you to create extremely beautiful and stylish compositions.
  • Peonies – symbolize youth and strength. They are ideal for a young couple who prefer an active lifestyle and make far-reaching plans. For wedding bouquets, it is desirable to use purple, dark pink and white flowers.
  • Orchids – mean sеxuality and tenderness at the same time. A bouquet of them always looks extremely presentable, expensive and stylish. The best option would be to use several varieties of orchids in one composition, which will shade and complement each other.

Of course, these are not the only color options that can be used in wedding floristry. There is always a choice, and it is very large. The main thing at the same time is to get into the stream, to guess the mood and preferences of those who marry.

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