Rebecca Ferguson and Ukrainian singer Alyosha brought people to tears with their number about Ukraine

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The talented Ukrainian singer Alyosha delighted the audience at Eurovision 2023 with her soulful duet with British star Rebecca Ferguson.

Their joint performance of the hit Ordinary World by the band Duran Duran sounded as never before – the melody delighted the audience with its harmony and intensity, and strong vocal performances of the two singers added even more brightness to the number.

But the performance of Alyosha and Rebecca Ferguson was not only a musical masterpiece, it also had a deep emotional meaning. The number began by showing the ordinary life of a Ukrainian couple that was suddenly interrupted by an air-raid alarm. This plot was very close to Alyosha, as her beloved husband Taras Topolya was one of the first to go to defend Ukratsna.

Behind the singer’s back, messages from Ukrainians hopefully writing to their families appeared on the screen. Then these letters turned into huge blue-and-yellow wings. The number was so emotional that many people just couldn’t hold back their tears.

We suggest you watch Alyosha’s performance:

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