Scientists have shown what was the appearance of Queen Cleopatra in reality

She is clearly flattered in the movies

Even now, people still talk about the Egyptian empress Cleopatra. People are attempting to determine what she actually looked like because some websites speak highly of her great beauty, while others claim that the girl’s erudition and charm captivated men despite the fact that she lacked attractive facial characteristics.

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A still from the movie

According to British historians from the museum, this is how Cleopatra seemed.

The queen had harsh features, a swarthy skin, a big nose, a pointed chin, and thin lips.

She acquired her enormous physique from her ancestors. due to the fact that the majority of the Macedonian Ptolemaic dynasty had rounder forms and atypical facial features.

Egyptologist Sally Ann Ashton’s studies on Cleopatra’s appearance

A detailed investigation by a Cambridge historian resulted in the creation of a sketch of Cleopatra, which differs significantly from depictions of the queen in textbooks and movies.

What did Cleopatra look like, as described by historian Plutarch?

According to the historian, Cleopatra’s beauty was not what captivated men; rather, it was her unmatched brilliance, charisma, and erudition. Her charming voice and delivery captured the attention of everyone around her.

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Cleopatra played by Vivien Leigh

If you condense the findings of numerous historians into one, it becomes obvious that Cleopatra wasn’t at all beautiful but won over everyone with her sharp intellect, well-placed words, and endearing personality.

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This is roughly what Cleopatra looked like. Photo:

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