A Girl Bought An Ordinary Cat At The Market, And A Year Later It Turned Into An Unusual Cat

I can't believe my eyes!

A girl bought a pet at the market. She chose a cute and charming fluffy kitten. We at Mimimetr.me decided to tell you what her pet turned into after a while.

Maria bought a little kitten and named him Barsik. The animal grew up the same way as all normal cats and cats. The pet played, ate well, and showed good health. However, Barsik slept quite a lot, but this trait is inherent in many members of the feline family.

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But Maria noticed that her kitty was growing rapidly: clearly faster than the other cats. By one year, the body of the animal had reached a truly record size – about 1.5 meters in length from muzzle to the tip of the tail. And it weighed as much as 15 kilograms. And this is clearly more than it should be.

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Maria showed her big white four-legged friend to the vets at the local clinic. They suggested that Barsik’s parents could have been a Maine Coon and a feral cat. But the exact origin is unknown, we can only speculate about it.

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The owner has to give her pet a lot of food, because he’s so big! But Maria doesn’t think about that. She worries about the sounds Barsik may make at night. They resemble the growling of a wolf and are really frightening.

Have you ever seen such huge cats?

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