A homeless dog, who had already forgotten what good was, lay down and cried

Poor thing...

There are owners who get rid of our smaller brothers as from unnecessary things. For various reasons: because of old age, because of illness… And the dog, accustomed to trust man in everything, is on the streets completely helpless. And people who pass by in the morning have no desire to help such abandoned animals. There are even those who are ready to exterminate the homeless animals, considering them a threat.

But the world is not without good people, and our story is proof of this.

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In the street of a city, an old German shepherd dog, trapped on the steep banks of a river, was found. The dog could not get out on his own both because of the steep slopes of the canal and because of his old age. And the fast flowing water doomed him to deаth.

But volunteers came to the rescue and helped the dog to get out and fed him. After a long and lonely wander, it was the first real help from people and the dog even cried after they patted his head.

Biggie (that’s the name of the sheepdog) is now living with a loving family, surrounded by kindness and care, and she’s doing well.

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