Animal paralyzed from fear: man did not run away after shooting, but tried to comfort his frightened dog

An emotional photo from Irpen spread around the world and moved people to tears.

Fleeing from Russian aggression, Ukrainians do not forget about their little friends. So, in the city of Irpen photographer Markus Yam captured a touching event – a man trying to convince a dog paralyzed by fear of shelling to move on.

The photo was posted on Facebook by Svitlana Medvedieva.

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In the picture, a man named Andrey Kulik does not abandon his pet, but tries to comfort the animal and urge him to save himself and move on.

The frightened dog refused to leave, and the owner patiently tried to calm his pet.

The photo has already been reposted in their accounts by thousands of people, from journalists to animal advocates around the world.

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