Instagram star cat Stepan raised $10,000 to help animals in Ukraine

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At the moment, Stepan himself is a refugee and is going through a difficult time in France.

Even before the wаr, the Ukrainian cat Stepan became one of the most famous “mustached” bloggers in the world. With the outbreak of hostilities in Kharkov, he and his mistress were forced to leave Ukraine.

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Photo: loveyoustepan

Now the cat-blogger is in France, but he still dreams of returning home and helps his four-legged brethren in Ukraine with all his might.

On Stepan’s Instagram page, his mistress organized a fundraiser to help Ukrainian volunteer organizations for animals.

Together with caring Internet users, they managed to raise more than $10,000 to help Ukrainian animals!

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Photo: loveyoustepan

The organizations that received money from Stepan are engaged in treatment, care and nutrition for all kinds of pets, as well as help shelter four-legged animals around the world. Part of this amount will go to help the Nikolaev Zoo, which was seriously damaged during the wаr with the Russian occupiers.

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