Dog caught on camera activating stove, causing house fire (video)

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Dogs will do anything for food 😂

A curious incident occurred in Missouri. Home surveillance cameras captured the moment a dog turned on the kitchen stove, causing a fire and serious damage to the house. The fire department told UPI.

The Kansas City Fire Department and South Platte Fire Protection District received a call about a house fire in the Riss Lake area of Parkville. When rescuers arrived on the scene, they rescued two dogs, who were the only occupants of the home at the time of the incident.

Firefighters decided to look at surveillance footage inside the home and found that one of the dogs had gotten up on its hind legs to explore a pot on the stove. As a result, the animal unintentionally turned on the fire.

Investigators said there was food left over from a previous meal in the pot on the stove. The heat caused the fat to ignite about eight minutes after the dog turned on the stove. According to firefighters, the dogs were not injured, but the damage to the house was very severe.

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