Dog abandoned by owners didn’t want to part with her favorite blanket

People betrayed her, but she still clung to the past...

When the family was moving to a new house, they decided to get rid of their old things so they wouldn’t have to carry them with them into their new life. But to their great regret, one of those old and unwanted things was their dog. They left her on the street with other things and her favorite blanket.

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Marina Taraszewska, co-founder of the animal rescue organization Dallas DogRRR, stumbled upon the abandoned dog while walking near her home.

“It was wet and cold and raining, and the dog wouldn’t get off the blanket and wouldn’t give it up,” says Patti Dawson, executive director of Dallas DogRRR. “She still hoped her owners would pick her up and just waited for them.”

Marina Tarashevskaya found out from the neighbors what happened to this dog and tried her best to help her, but it was not easy.

“As soon as Marina approached the dog, the dog would run away, and when the rescuer moved away, the dog would return to its blanket,” Patty said.

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But Marina Tarashevskaya came up with a cunning plan: during the times when the dog ran away, she moved the blanket closer to her house a little at a time. Thus, in about an hour they managed to lure the dog into Tarashevskaya’s backyard. And there it was not difficult to grab the dog and take it to a safe place.

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At the shelter, the dog was named Camille. She was scared and didn’t trust people.

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“She curled up in a ball and lay there looking sad. As soon as anyone approached her, she froze in fear and tried not to move. She acted like, ‘Don’t touch me, don’t look at me, don’t come near me,'” said Patti Dawson of Camille’s early days at the shelter.

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Camilla had fresh lacerations in her neck and ears and was rushed to the vet where she was operated on. She is now on the mend, little by little. Thanks to the doctors and kindness, Camilla is recovering physically and mentally.

“She’s feeling much better,” Dawson says. “Slowly her trust in people is coming back.”

Today Camila is living at the local shelter and is being treated with loving care and attention, so she is slowly changing from a scared, abandoned creature to a happy, cheerful dog. And very soon she will be able to find a new loving family.

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