A faithful dog has been waiting on the doorstep for over a month for his mistress, who is no longer alive: a pinching photo

Ukrainiаn Hachi

For almost a month, the faithful dog Akita-inu named Reni has been waiting on the doorstep of her owner, Tatyana from Ukrаine.

The Russiаn occupаnts entered the village where the girl lived. Tatiana tragically passed away on March 15. The woman was buried in the yard of her own house.

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But the dog named Reni does not understand that her mistress is not coming back. They were inseparable for nine years.

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Volunteers tried to take the dog to the shelter, but every time she ran away and returned to the doorstep. Renie also refused food and only accepted water.

Source: Pravda_Gerashchenko

Volunteers don’t give up hope of finding a new family for the dog. With tears in their eyes, they say that Reni is very kind.

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