A man rescued a dog that had fallen through the ice on the Kolsai Lakes

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The Real Man's Act

A man jumped into icy water and rescued a drowning dog in Kolsai Lakes, www.inform.kz reports.

The rescue of the animal was filmed on video by eyewitnesses.

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The brave guy who saved the dog is named Ualihan Beisabaev (@ualixanbeisabaev). He works as a paramedic in Karaganda. He came to Kolsay to rest with his wife and friends.

“We saw the dog walking on the ice, but then we noticed it had fallen through the ice. The dog started squealing and I knew it needed help. I am a paramedic myself, I help people, so I could not resist, instinctively rushed to the rescue, jumped into the water. The animal was far enough from the shore, I felt tired on the way back, with the help of a large stick my friends pulled me out of the icy water to the shore. I felt this cold only after rescuing the animal. Then my legs cramped, but I had no fear,” says Ualihan.

He had a fever that day, but now he is feeling fine.

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Ualihan also said that his father had taught him to love animals since childhood.

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