A real mom: a cat became a foster mom for little squirrels

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Boundless motherly love ❤️

A woman’s cat named Pusha gave birth to kittens. Everything would have been fine, but the owner noticed that the newborn babies are alone during the day, they are constantly squeaking and calling for their mother. And this went on for more than one day.

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Eventually, the woman decided to follow Pusha to see why she leaves her cubs for long periods of time. It turned out that every day after feeding the cubs, the cat ran away into the woods, which was right behind the residential area.

When the owner saw where exactly ran away her mustached pet, just stunned by the picture presented. Pusha came running to three abandoned newborn baby squirrels and fed them with milk.

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It is not clear how the cat found these red-haired babies, but her maternal instinct kicked in at once.

The woman brought the blind squirrels to her house and put them in a box with the kittens, so Pusha was no longer torn between her own and other people’s babies.

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The mother-cat immediately started licking the red-haired cubs and feeding them as if they were her own children.

The owner of the moustached mother-heroine reported the unexpected find to the zoological club. Everybody agreed that while the white-coat cubs are small, they should live with the cat.

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This is the boundless maternal love that our little brothers show us. People should learn a lesson from them.

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