“Just don’t let go of my paw”: shelter dog afraid of being abandoned again

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Every being wants to be loved 🥰

Not only people need privacy, dogs also often prefer to spend time alone, reflecting and contemplating. But that’s not the case with Stanley, this dog just loves spending time in the company of his owner.

Stanley lived in an orphanage in New Zealand, and one day a man named Sam came to the orphanage and liked the dog. So Stanley found his home, and his new owner – an unusually companionable pet, who would not leave him even a step.

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At first the dog was very nervous about being sent back to the shelter, so he did not leave his owner even for a minute. Stanley was by Sam’s side not only during the day, but also at night. Often the dog demanded affection so insistently that he caused his master more trouble.

Sam first met Stanley when he was helping the shelter as a volunteer. The man sometimes came to walk the dogs. On one of his walks, Sam found a dog with two puppies about 6 months old, and as a volunteer he took over the care of one of them.

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The first time living in a new home was stressful for the puppy, he was afraid for hours just to get out of the car, then took a long time to settle into his new place before he started drinking and eating and getting to know the house.

Over time, Stan became very attached to his new owner, he even came to sleep in his bed and was sure to lie down so that he was sure to touch the person. As soon as Sam moved a little, the dog also moved immediately so as not to break contact with his master.

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