The cat pretended not to love the owners’ daughter, but the truth came out by chance

The cat's secret is revealed

Sonny the cat is a pet that the Richardson couple found in a shelter. Sonny came to their new home at the age of 6 and, as the owners say, quickly and happily settled in.

The cat was truly happy, at home he was always surrounded with love and care. But the cat’s mood suddenly changed when a baby came into the apartment. A newborn Hazel made no impression on the fluffy cat. Sonny made it clear with his whole appearance that he was not interested in the new member of the family. Sniffing the cradle with the baby, he immediately turned around and went on his way.

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For several months, the pet had been literally avoiding Hazel, the owners said. This situation was very surprising to the Richardsons, because with them Sonny is always affectionate and friendly. But one day they learned something interesting: It turned out that at night the cat sneaks into the crib and lay down next to the baby. The Richardsons discovered this footage while watching the baby through a baby monitor.

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Apparently, the cat really liked the newborn Hazel, but Sonny did not want to show it. But when the furry friend was unmasked, there was no reason for the pet to hide his tender feelings anymore.

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Now Sonny practically never leaves his new friend. If he hears a girl crying, he will certainly settle down next to her and begin to calm her down. According to the owners, the two of them get along well, though at the beginning of their acquaintance it was very hard to imagine such a development.

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